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We're Here for you

We’re Here For You!

At Pilot Signs & Designs, we work with you to determine how best to use your brand in the marketplace to showcase your business. We will listen to your needs, collaborate with you to offer several solutions, and problem solve to meet your business objectives.

Who We Are

Who We Are

Pilot Signs & Designs, located just 20 miles south of Cleveland, OH, is in the problem-solving business. We will help you navigate to solutions that will brand your business and help you market effectively. We will guide you through the process to arrive at a cost-effective solution.

What We Do

What We Do

At Pilot Signs & Designs, we design, produce, and install everything from vehicle wraps, lettering, and magnets to store front signs, custom signs and banners, trade-show exhibits and graphics, and even window and wall wraps.

We leverage our business and industry experience to create exceptional value and satisfaction for our customers. Please take a moment to browse our site. Chances are, if you need it, we can make it! Give us a call today! 216-920-4777

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Let Us Help You!

If your business is ready to take the next step, we’re here to help.  We have the flexibility to create custom signs, banners, vehicle wraps, window wraps, lettering and much more to make sure everyone knows who you are and what you do.  We are business-minded professionals with over 30 years of business management experience, so we understand what it takes to brand a business. We navigate the difficult business landscape, avoid the pitfalls and obstacles to effective branding, and guide you to the best and most cost effective solutions. Let Pilot Signs & Designs Navigate Your Way To More Business!


Hey Friends! Pilot Signs & Designs was featured in the 2012 February annual publication TAKE A LOOK AT BRUNSWICK! We were one of two businesses in recognized for “STRONG BUSINESSES MAKE STRONG COMMUNITIES”. Click here to read the feature!



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A Mission To Finding A Great Sign

Pilot Signs & Designs of Brunswick, OH had the privilege of working with The Philpott Rubber Company on creating a new and improved sign for the entryway to one of their recently acquired companies.  The Philpott Rubber Company purchased the assets of Urethane Products Industries (UPI) in Stow, Ohio, effective December 18th, 2012.  One of Philpott’s first objectives was to let their new community, and customers, know they were “open for business” under new management!

Untitled2Philpott was interested in keeping the existing brick posts, but wanted an updated sign to reflect the new company name, logo, and brand (See old sign to the left).  Pilot Signs met with Philpott on several occasions, listened to their needs and developed several alternatives that aligned with their vision.  Three options were presented, one of which exceeded Philpott’s expectations! You can now the see the updated Philpott sign (below) compared to the original. What a difference!

UntitledPhilpott selected a flat fabricated aluminum mill finish sign cabinet that included the Philpott Industrial Plastics logo and company address.  The logo and address were applied using cut vinyl which was then laminated for extra protection.  The dimensions of the sign are 48” x 115” with an aluminum fabricated frame.  The flat fabricated aluminum mill finish sign fits perfectly between the brick posts and conveys a bold, professional look.

At Pilot Signs, we pride ourselves on collaborating with our clients to meet the branding, quality, timing, and budget objectives linked to the business.  We build long-term relationships with our clients and we are here to help meet their signage needs in the future.


The Look Of Brick At The Third Of The Cost

Pilot Signs & Designs, LLC was honored this summer to have the opportunity to design and produce a monument sign!

Green Meadows is a development in Strongsville, Ohio that is very familiar with our work, and was ready to update and modernize the entrance to their community.  They came to us with examples of monument signs that they had in mind, but were willing to give us the freedom to design around what we knew would be the perfect sign for this particular location.

Green Meadows DevelopmentWith an entrance monument sign, you have to take into consideration the location of the entrance.  Where is this entrance? Where are the surrounding streets?  Who can see this sign?  Which way is traffic coming from?  This can help determine size, shape, and angle of the sign.  These were all challenges that we faced, but they were also challenges that we had solutions for.

 BeforeWe began with thoughts of having a ‘V’ shaped monument sign, given the fact that the angle of the street and the way of traffic would need the sign visible in both directions.  Then we found it just as effective to just have a double-sided sign on the corner of the road for a less costly price.  The sign is also not made out of true stone and brick.  It is routed HDU with faux finished brick columns and base.  This material makes it possible to get a beautiful expensive look at a fraction of the price.  And on the plus side, the HDU material will last 15+ years and can be easily repainted with an outdoor acrylic water based paint.  Maintenance wise, the material is very easy to clean and maintain versus the aging and cracking concerns related to brick.

With all things taken into consideration, we were able to create the beautiful sign and have it installed on location within a 4 week time frame.  The next time you need a custom monument sign that looks like real brick or stone at a fraction of the cost, just give us a call.


Capture Attention With Great Advertising Value

Any means of advertising for your company is better than nothing.  The more you advertise, the more you are getting your name out there.  But it can become expensive and time consuming to keep printing ads over and over again, trying to reach out to everybody and anybody.  That is when vehicle wraps come in, and it shines a whole new light on advertising because now you have your own personal, portable billboard!

Medina TVA vehicle wrap makes it possible to advertise without any effort while doing it, and to reach out to anybody that will be driving by you on the road.  This expands your client base and allows you to be recognized as a professional company while on the job.  While working with our client, Medina TV, they let us know about a promotional video they use involving shades of green waves and lights.  This is something that their customers would be familiar with and would help them to be recognized while on the road.

Our designers took the time to recreate and design this look for the purpose of using it on Medina TV’s new vehicle wrap.  The fade-out of the waves worked especially well, since the client did not want the vehicle to end up being a full wrap.  Also, large windows on the back of the van worked out well to show case the company logo using window perf.

Pilot Signs & Designs is a strong believer in the success a company can achieve from the recognition of their vehicle out on the road.  If your company car is out on the road often enough, it should be advertising for you as well.  And when you consider all that time that people are getting a look at your car, it is well worth it to have a vehicle wrap.

Advertising on your vehicle represents the lowest cost per impression media that exists today.  Pilot Signs will work with you to create the most advertising value that your portable billboard (your vehicle) represents.


A Variety Of Signage In A Small Package

As most know, Pilot Signs & Designs offers a variety of signage to our clients.  With one of our most recent and newest clients, Holly’s Ice Cream & Yogurt, we stood to the challenge of working with the company to provide multiple types of signage with a deadline right around the corner.

Holly's Ice Cream & Yogurt FrontHolly’s Ice Cream & Yogurt is a family owned shop specializing in frozen yogurt, ice cream and custard.  They have opened up two locations this summer; one in Strongsville, OH and one in Medina, OH.  Owners Holly and Rick Tompot had a vision of taking this small business and designing around it to look like a franchise.  In doing so, we were able to provide many options for Holly and Rick to choose a font theme, colors, images of fruit, etc.  We designed and created everything from their bathroom door sign to their illuminated channel letters on the exterior of the building at both locations!  The interior of the building had recently been painted bright green and pink, which made for an exciting colorful look.  Acrylic fruit and chocolate murals were installed, as well as flavor tags with images for each flavor by the self-serve machines.  We made sure to stay as consistent as possible between both stores to keep the franchise look that the business owners wanted.

992857_475090582571167_268018466_nWhen you look at the work done for Holly’s Ice Cream & Yogurt, it is easy to see that even when you are working with multiple types and sizes of media, you can still keep a consistent theme.  It was a pleasure working with Holly and Rick, and we cannot wait to keep working with them, as they are in high spirits to keep growing the Holly’s Ice Cream & Yogurt business!

To view a video testimonial by co-owner, Rick Tompot, click here.


What Is The Best Option For Your Exterior Sign?

Recently, Pilot Signs & Designs did some work with a local company located inside the Mapleside Farms.  The Orchard House is a restaurant that offers lunch and dinner and a home style brunch on Sundays using their one and only applewood smoker.

While this company was in the transition of their new ownership and location at Mapleside Farms, we worked with the client to help their dream sign come to life.  As pictured, you are able to see their gorgeous sign mounted to the side of their building, with its bold color and effective look.  Looking at the sign, you may think how expensive this sign could be, given that it is made of wood.  The truth is, there is no wood on this sign at all!   Pilot Signs has made it possible to work with the customers without having to use such expensive materials if it is not necessary and to still give them a desirable look.

Orchard HouseThe Orchard House wanted a background on their sign that would blend with the wooden style of the Mapleside Farms exterior sign and rustic brand.  The background has the natural look of wood, but it is actually vinyl that has an image with a wooden effect printed onto it, and it is applied to Max-metal material.  Max-metal is a great alternative to natural wood because it is lighter, it has the ability to last longer and will not rot out like some wood will.  The apple of the sign is custom routed PVC with vinyl applied to it for color.  A layer of PVC is routed out in place of the letters, so when the letters of the logo are applied to the sign, it fits into the apple like a puzzle piece.  This look is fantastic for giving a sign a dimensional look with layers of depth.  It helps certain areas of the sign pop where you want them to pop.

It was a pleasure to work with The Orchard House and creating their beautiful sign.  The owner was thrilled to see the finished product, and we know we can do the same for you!


Showcasing Your Way To The Future!

Starting up your new company?  Or is it time for that new change in your brand?  Of course, Pilot Signs & Designs can help you with this challenge.   There is no limitation to what we can do for our clients, whether it be a new logo, or a new way to showcase your new or existing brand.

The way you present your brand is very important as it is a reflection of your company, vision and culture.  We recently were engaged with KHM Travel to support their transition to a new brand for several tradeshow events.  Love Shack Vacations is a part of KHM Travel, and their vacation packages focus on romantic getaways.  This was their new brands first appearance, and we were very proud to help bring the possibilities to life!

While partnering with Love Shack Vacations to create the most effective displays with a deadline right around the corner, we decided that the best outcome was to display their new brand with a table runner, two retractable banners, and a gorgeous 8’ x 8’ digital print on fabric that contained the key themes and messages linked to the new brand.   The large colorful fabric served as the centerpiece for the display and was bordered by the retractable banners to create dimensional balance.  A table runner in front of the arrangement is really what tied everything together and helped the company get that professional look that everyone seeks. The multiple types of advertisement really demonstrate the many possibilities that exist to showcase your company at any tradeshow exhibits or venue as well.

Pilot Signs & Designs will help you create the tradeshow identity that fits your business needs.  We team with you to offer solutions that will maximize your professional look.  We make a promise that the products appearance means just as much to us as it does to you.  We are passionate and able to give you our professional recommendations to always keep your project branding on target.


Shine Some Light On Your Business!

It is all about presentation when it comes to the exterior of the building where your business is located.  Having an effective building sign at your companies location allows people to find you, and recognize you every time they drive past.  Illuminated Channel Signs are great because it lets everyone know that you are open for business at any hour of the day.

Illuminated Channel Signs are effective and a popular method for identifying a company from their storefront.  They are created to serve a purpose for daytime, as well as nighttime viewing.  Their bright 3-dimensional shape allows the sign to be seen from far away and at multiple angles.  Lighting options for Illuminated Channel Signs are neon, fluorescent or LED lighting.  In this case with Pure Health & Fitness, Pilot Signs & Designs, LLC manufactured and installed the Illuminated Channel Letters and Sign for the building with LED lighting.  Pure Health & Fitness offers classes such as yoga or pilates, and classes are held in the evening hours to work around the average persons busy schedule. The illuminated sign offers visibility and effective advertising 24 hours a day.  A raceway was also used behind this sign to reduce damage to the building, and it was also painted to match the color of the roof to keep it as unnoticeable as possible.

Pilot Signs & Designs, LLC partnered with Pure Health & Fitness to offer solutions that were the most effective in terms of value and budget considerations for the client. A video was made of our installation at Pure Health & Fitness with a testimonial from the owner can be seen here on our website, YouTube channel, and Facebook page.  Like us on Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube channel for future updates and videos.

At Pilot Signs & Designs, we will get you noticed at any hours of the day!


A Cost Effective Mobile Advertising Alternative!

Vehicle graphics work. Everybody sees them. In fact, you can’t miss them, and the possibilities are limited only by your designer’s imagination. Flashy, fully wrapped buses or cars definitely grab attention, but at one half to one third the cost, simple vinyl cut lettering or vinyl decals are a cost-effective mobile advertising choice.

Targeting consumers outside of their homes is a growing trend in marketing because drivers, passengers and pedestrians who commute daily offer an unparalleled opportunity to build brand awareness with frequent exposure. The benefits of mobile advertising apply even with lower cost vehicle lettering options. Consider these facts:


  • Mobile advertising reaches more consumers at a lower cost than any other form of outdoor advertising.
  • Media targeting vehicle drivers and passengers reaches more than 95% of Americans.
  • Mobile advertising can make over 30,000 impressions per day per vehicle.


Whether for a single vehicle or an entire fleet, your logo, website address, phone number, and tag lines (what services the business provides) are the key elements that should be displayed. Even when you’re done working, your vehicle lettering is an on-going advertising media while parked at the curb, and unlike radio or television, you cannot turn it off.

The bottom line is that mobile advertising works, and vehicle lettering is an excellent investment for businesses of any size. Although simple and not as eye catching as a well-designed, full digital print application, vinyl cut lettering or vinyl decals will build brand awareness and advertise your product or service effectively.

At Pilot Signs & Designs, we will navigate the way in getting you noticed. We are certified installers who take a lot of pride in using the right materials to achieve the quality/durability outcomes that you expect within your budget. Stop in for a free consult as we will help you leverage you vehicle in a cost effective way to grow your business.